$ 38

  • AVR function
  • Capacity:ย 850VA /360W
  • UPS overload protection
  • Intelligent battery charging management
  • Recharge time: 6 hours to 90% capacity
04-08-2022 11:12 AM

Model: 850VA Three Ace

Line-interactive UPS


Simple, compact and generous machine appearance Super wide mains input range Excellent microprocessor to ensure reliable operation Automatic adjustment of the AC mains power boost, step-down, stable voltage output Mains restart function Output modified sine wave Automatic charge in off-mode Cold start function Compatible generators


  1. ย PC/Fax/Modem
  2. Small server/Lan
  3. Cash-counting
  4. Attendance machine
  5. Miniature Terminal Equipment
  6. SOHO Equipment
ย Line Interative UPS ๏ผš
Model 850VA
Capacity 850VA /360W
Voltage 220VAC
AC Mains Input Voltage Range ย 145-280 VAC (same as AC mains)
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage Range(Battery Mode) ยฑ10%
Frequency Range(Battery Mode) 50 Hzย  ยฑ1 Hz
Transfer Time ๏ผœ6ms
Waveform(Battery) Modified sine wave
Battery Type & Quantity 12V7.2Ah x 1
Battery Charging Tiime 6 hours charge to 90%
LED Indicators
AC Mode Green light
Battery Mode Red light flash
Audible Alarm
Battery Mode Alarm beeps every six seconds
Low Battery Alarm beeps every second
Overload Alarm beeps twice every second
Fault Alarm beeps continuously
Protection Function
Comprehensive Protection Overload, deep discharge and over-charge protection
Temperature And Humidity Relative humidity 0-90% and temperature 0- 40ยฐC (No-condensing)
Noise less than 40dB at one meter distance
Physical Function
Dimensions D X W X H (mm) 410x300x435
Net Weight (kgs) 5.5