$ 272

  • 80 Extensions PABX Intercom Telephone System
  • 4 to 16 CO lines, 16 to 80 extensions, Expandale 4 or 8 CO line per CO card. 8 extension line per extension card.
  • DISA: 60s in three segment
  • OGM can be recorded by phone, or download from PC
  • Caller ID(external, intercom, transfer CLI)
04-08-2022 2:56 PM

Model: TP1680ย Seriesย 

Excelltel 80 Extensions PABX Intercom Telephone System

TP1680 Series ย Ideal Solution for Hotel

Capacity:ย ย TP1680 from 4 CO line, 16 Ext to 16 CO line, 80 Ext Key feature: Expandable module design Metal case, rack mountable, easy for wiring Support PC software(with simple hotel function) Connect PC through serial port or LAN port(RJ45) Basic features โ—†DISA: 60s in three segment โ—†OGM can be recorded by phone, or download from PC โ—†Caller ID(external, intercom, transfer CLI) โ—†Operator/Auto-attendant work mode โ—†Memory dialing(Abberviated dialing) โ—†Incoming call can be forward to mobile phone automatically โ—†Call transfer โ—†Call forward โ—†Call pickup โ—†Call barge in โ—†Call restriction(class assignment) โ—†Ext number flexible coding โ—†Ext number query โ—†Outgoing call transfer โ—†Multiple dial out mode โ—†Internal hotline โ—†Do not Disturb(DND) โ—†Three party conference โ—†Least cost routing(LCR) โ—†CO Line group/Ext group โ—†Extension dynamic lock โ—†Group call โ—†Morning call โ—†Backup battery option โ—†Door phone & Door opener โ—†External music interface โ—†Paging function(external broadcast interface)