$ 1099

  • CooVox-U80
  • It is feature-rich IP PBX that dedicated for medium and large enterprises
  • With innovative modular design, and enhanced hardware platform, bring you excellent unified communication experience with innovative VoIP function
  • Supports 200 extensions,60 concurrent calls
  • Modules for option: FXO/FXS/GSM/ WCDMA/PRI(E1/T1)/BRI
03-08-2022 4:32 PM

The Real Innovative Module Design

  • Flexible to choose the modules you need.
  • Easy to install ,just need 2 steps!
  • Friendly to partners and customers
  • Design for your Return On Investment.

Modules option For U80.

  • Every U80 have 2 slots and can install 2 pieces modules

Compatible With Main Stream SIP Terminal Devices

  • SIP terminal devices: Softphones,Gateway, IP Phones.
  • Compatible with Polycom, CISCO, Huawei, Htek, Yealink, Grandstream, Escene, Fanvil, Snom, Dinstar etc.