$ 150

  • The GSM Alarm System S110 supports multi-funtions with an integrated GSM module inside. It has innovative and experienced functions to meet the demands of the worldwide market
  • It is special for home, house and office, and other applications
  • Wirless GSM communication can alert you via SMS or voice call. It also suuports two-way voice communication: it can answer incoming calls and dial out
  • The Watchdog feture allows for zone triggering based on a time parameter. That is, if the sensor is triggered at a preset time will not alarm. However, at all other times it will. Great for monitoring elders, children and a person on duty
  • LCD display allows for quick and easy operation.
  • Supports GSM interference
  • The only thing you need is a SIM card with Caller ID feature
01-08-2022 2:13 PM
Power Supply DC 12V/1.5A Reference scope 6-24V DC
Power Consumption 12V Input Max. 50mA/Average 50mA
Frequency Range Dual-frequency 900/1800, compatible with GSM Phase 2/2
SIM Card 3V SIM Card
Antenna 50 ฮฉ SMA Antenna interface
Serial RS-232C, Default communication parameter 9600,n,8,0,1
Operating Temperature (ยฐC) -10 to 70
Humidity Relative humidity 95% (condensation free)
Output Drive Power (V) โ‰ค35 (Drive Current โ‰ค200mA)
ON State Input Current (mA) 0.33 Max
Input Signal Dry contact or 0V-3.3V level signal
Dimensions (mm) 95x63x25
Weight (g) 130